5 Pleasant You Must to Do in Your Next Trip to Olbia

Olbia offers a lot of beautiful places to their visitors along with amazing and fun activities. The city of Olbia has many historic landscapes, museums, boutiques, and bars. Known as one of the economic centers, the city of Olbia is located in the well-known tourist area of Costa Smeralda.

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Five Must Things to Do in Olbia

Let us explore the amazing things you need to do in Olbia when you visit.

1. Visit the Romanesque Former Cathedral of San Simplicio

This place was built in the 11th century on a small hill. This place is a beautiful landmark. It was used as a cemetery area. The interior of this place is made entirely of granite.

2. Visit the Church of St. Paul Apostle

This church was built in the middle of the 15th century. Near the old documents, the Church of St. Paul Apostle is located inside the historic center. This church is built based on excavation. The holy cross was broken in the year 1940s and it was later on restored in 1990. The beauty of the church lies in the dome of it. It is built with colorful ceramic tiles. The pulpit present inside the church makes the visitor awe because it is very impressive. This church shows the great and experienced craftsmanship of the Sardinian craftsman that beautifully he has built the halo which is sandals and silver. It is around the Assunta and is located within the church.

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3. Enjoy Dinner at La Lanterna Restaurant

The La Lanterna Restaurant is a perfect place to have some fish and meat. The specialty of La Lanterna Restaurant is pizza. La Lanterna Restaurant is located near Golfo Aranci. The cook has the specialty of grilled fish. The menu is quite a good one and large.

You can choose the food that you like for yourself. The La Lanterna Restaurant is perfect for those who love to eat in a tranquil atmosphere. You will admire the beautiful and simple environment, the seating area is near the sea and the garden. You can order seafood, cuisine, grilled meat for yourself other than pizza.

4. Hiking at the Tavolara Island

On tavolara island is a huge mountain. The location of Tavolara Island is in the Gulf of Olbia. The highest peak of this mountain is called the punta cannone. After hiking to this peak you can spot many beautiful landscapes like monte limbara, Corsica, monte nieddu, Montalbo, and the strait of Bonifacio.  The trek to Tavolara Island is an easy hike.

You can easily climb the peak. Through the trails of Tavolara Island, you will hike to the Punta La Mandria, then you will reach the Spalmatore Di Terra through the valley. This valley is named the Mouth of the Cannon. You will spot breathtaking views from this valley. After this comes the statue of Madonna.

5. National Archaeology Museum

This was built by the architect Vanni Macciocco. There are many distinctive features of this museum. The structure of this museum is fully advanced. You can enter freely but it is mostly closed for visitors on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Olbia is a beautiful place and full of rich history. The visit to it is worth it.


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