5 Sky-High Activities For A Unique Smoky Mountain Vacation

There’s no more freeing feeling than the sensation of flight! A region where the earth rises to touch the sky, the Great Smoky Mountains are apt to provide plenty of opportunities to soar through the air. From ziplining to helicopter tours, the diverse offering of sky-high things to do in Pigeon Forge and other nearby mountain towns won’t disappoint even the boldest of thrill-seekers. Start planning the most extraordinary and lively vacation you’ve had in years with this comprehensive guide on the most popular ways to fly in the Smokies!

Sky High Air Tours

Can you imagine what flying must have felt like for the first person ever to pilot a plane? At Sky High Air Tours, you can recreate that breathtaking feeling with an eight- to thirty-minute hop in an open-cockpit Waco Biplane. This contemporary version of a Barnstormer will carry you through blissful skies over picturesque downtown Sevierville or Pigeon Forge and over the glassy Douglas Lake. You won’t want to forget your camera for these magnificent bird’s eye views of the serene Smoky Mountain landscape.

Scenic Helicopter Tours

If you could appreciate the beauty of natural landmarks like the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Douglas Lake or the French Broad River, which would you choose to see from the heights of a helicopter? Scenic Helicopter Tours offers five unique flying tours covering everything from the local bodies of water to the farmlands and mountain slopes to the sparkling lights of downtown Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Since 1972, their skilled pilots have delighted visitors with this romantic one-of-a-kind excursion and family-friendly activity.

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the sheer glee of skydiving without the risk of splatting like a pancake on the ground, you’ve come to the right place! Flyaway Indoor Skydiving is in many ways even better because you get three whole minutes of flipping and whirling about in their safe vertical wind tunnel, as opposed to a minute at the most for an actual skydive. Bring up to five of your friends or family to practice aerial stunts with you or dominate the arena in a solo flight session.

Wears Valley Zipline Adventures

Does killing two birds with one stone make you smile inside? You can experience flying bliss while enjoying the mountain setting at the same time when you go ziplining at Wears Valley Zipline Adventures! These scenic ziplines carry you across 1.5 miles of unspoiled forested beauty, surprising you with splendid views of Mount LeConte and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along the way. One of the zips even sails for 2000 feet at an impressive height of 250 feet in the air. As you reach top speeds and feel the wind rushing past, you’re bound to feel on top of the world!

Rowdy Bear Mountain Glider

Rowdy Bear Mountain Adventure Park is worth a visit for adrenaline junkies in general. Between their two locations in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, the park offers four unique amusement rides. However, their Gatlinburg venue is home to the Mountain Glider, the first coaster of its kind, which holds you in a sling as it races at top speeds along a single rail. Previous riders compare the experience to free-falling or hang gliding, qualifying it as a bucket list item for flying enthusiasts.

In a land where elevation is to thank for jaw-dropping levels of natural beauty, it only makes sense to take it all in from the heights of a helicopter tour or a zipline adventure. Even a simulation of flight through indoor skydiving or amusement rides is enough to bring a renewed sense of levity to your spirits. It’s no wonder adventurers from all over the world come to the Great Smoky Mountains seeking stunning vistas and adrenaline-pumping thrills.

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