Varicose veins are considerably much like hemorrhoids and spider veins. They’re enlarged, twisted, and swollen veins that lie immediately beneath the pores and skin. Generally they are often seen by way of the pores and skin as twisted blue-purple ropes. Different occasions they appear to be a thick strand of wire on high of the leg. Varicose veins might be extraordinarily painful. They generally seem within the legs and ft, they usually most frequently have an effect on girls who’re pregnant or overweight. The veins get enlarged largely as a result of the valves inside them don’t work properly sufficient to maintain blood flowing upwards; it thus flows again down in direction of the ft. Whereas they don’t pose any well being dangers or hazards, they’ll make for an unpleasant look prompting you to hunt remedy from a specialist in varicose veins in Port Saint Lucie.


Varicose veins are primarily asymptomatic, which means they don’t trigger discomfort. If the blood swimming pools in them, fluid can accumulate, making a sensation of heaviness or ache. Itching and pores and skin adjustments within the space of the varicosities are additionally signs. Generally, when blood move in veins is sluggish, it might probably trigger swelling; that is one other symptom of varicose veins.

Varicose veins could current with purplish-red coloration; they seem twisted and bulgy on the pores and skin’s floor. They appear to be the thick chords of a guitar.


Most varicose veins are brought on by an excessive amount of stress from standing or sitting for lengthy intervals. The valves inside blood vessels don’t work appropriately, which ends up in a rise in blood move in direction of the ft and legs. Another causes could also be:

  • Being pregnant – throughout being pregnant, the physique produces a hormone known as relaxin. This hormone impacts blood vessels and connective tissue of the pelvis, which may trigger varicose veins.
  • Inactivity – when you don’t transfer your legs sufficient, they have a tendency to swell, which is why individuals who keep sedentary for lengthy intervals are vulnerable to varicose veins.
  • Weight problems – extra weight is one other contributing issue for creating varicose veins. The elevated stress can have an effect on blood move.

Diabetes, genetics, and smoking are the recognized elements that enhance the chance of this situation.


Surgical procedure is taken into account if varicose veins signs persist regardless of different therapies. Various therapies that don’t embody surgical procedure embody endovenous laser remedy, which makes use of a laser beam to shut the tip of the vein and create a small gap to permit blood to move again in direction of the center.

Sclerotherapy is one other various remedy during which a chemical resolution is injected into varicose veins to trigger them to shrink and shut. These therapies don’t assure satisfaction; due to this fact, they’re used as an preliminary step earlier than surgical procedure.

Surgical elimination of varicose veins might be carried out by way of saphenous ligation or stripping the vein from the groin in direction of the knee. One other methodology is stripping the vein from the again of the knee in direction of the groin. This course of might be carried out with native anesthesia or sedation, relying on the severity of varicose veins.

Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted, and swollen veins immediately beneath the pores and skin. They could current with purplish-red coloration; they might seem bulgy on the pores and skin’s floor. It’s possible you’ll develop varicose veins when valves inside blood vessels don’t work appropriately. Remedy entails sclerotherapy, endovenous laser remedy, and surgical procedure.

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