Many UK residents think rehab clinics are reserved for Americans – and it’s not true!
You can get rehab in the UK and, moreover, you should if you need it. There’s a huge amount of stigma surrounding the treatment of addictions here in Britain. We come from an extensive line of ancestors who would rather brush things under the carpet than risk the scandal of mental illness or diseases like addiction – and it is a disease, there are studies that prove it[i].
The point is that you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for rehab help in the UK, should you need it. Go to your doctor and explain the situation or, better yet, find a rehab selection service you can trust to help you choose the best option for you. Whether you need a Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Southampton or whether you want to attend a rehab clinic in London to help you recover from an eating disorder; that’s the best way to get help.
Let’s talk about what rehab is like, here in the colder climates, to see if we can’t eliminate some of the uncertainty you may be feeling about signing in.

What’s UK Rehab for Addiction Like?

Rehab comes in three separate stages, regardless of where in the world you take it. If you attend a rehab clinic, the first thing they will do is put you through a detox period if you need it. Not all addictions need a detox period, but any substance abuse related illnesses will. Once you have completed this first stage, you will move on to the rehab process, which we will talk about in more clarity momentarily. Lastly, your transition back to the regular outside world is eased by aftercare and secondary treatment programs.

What Happens During Detox?

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During the detox process, you will become chemically free of alcohol or drugs. This takes a few days for your body to adapt to. Once you are chemically clean of the drug, your body must get used to operating without it again. This takes days or weeks, but you will come through it. Detox is dangerous on certain drugs, so be sure to seek medical help.

What Happens During Rehab?

When you move on to the rehab portion of your stay in a clinic, you will go through therapy sessions with a trained expert, and group sessions where you can share peer experience and support. Rehab incudes a set meal plan and exercise regime. It includes educational workshops aimed at helping you find work, run a house, or otherwise maintain real world responsibilities without relapsing.

What Happens During Secondary Treatment?

Secondary treatment allows you to reach out to the rehab clinic even after you are away home. This might mean telephone support or continuing to see your group for sessions. You may have access to online resources or receive updates on free workshops you can attend after you are through rehab.
Remember: recovery is an ongoing process that takes work. Stick it out and you’ll one day be free of addiction.

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