Drug overdose has been one of the leading causes of deaths around the world. At first what may seem like a casual fun activity soon takes control over you instead of you taking charge over its consumption quantity. What follows is extremely detrimental to the health of the individual and is very likely to cost his life if treatment is not provided at the right time. There are a number of health awareness campaigns for us to sign up for which would not only make us responsible citizens of our country but we can motivate others who have sadly derailed and lost themselves amongst fellow drug addicts. Drug or alcohol addiction makes one forget about their troubles and miseries of daily life. We may have witnessed people becoming very open in conversations and are funny. But after the effects have subsided, the individual soon craves for more and this is how the cycles continues and each time the dose is higher because the body does not respond to the same dose after a while. This leads to a very dangerous phase where passing a day without getting high on either alcohol or drugs is impossible. The withdrawal symptoms are unimaginably harmful to the patient and if not provided with a dose of the drug, the individual could die as well. This is because after months and years of drinking or abusing drugs, the mind and body are both dependent on these external influences to alter their state otherwise it cannot survive. Some people, if they are not properly taken care of in rehab centres can die due to rapid withdrawal. A good detox institution knows that a huge jump from a high dose to zero dose the next day will most definitely kill the person, so to avoid this, they decrease the dosage step by step. This procedure consumes a lot of time and patience which is necessary to hold on and hope that things will change for the better in future.

This is a very crucial time for the patient as well as for the health care provider because withdrawal symptoms are at their peak. The will of a person matters a lot in circumstances like these, although a kind and understanding health care professional attends the individual regularly, a strong will of the individual is necessary to reach the path towards success.

Finding a detox centre

If the drug addict is unable to think straight and seek therapy, a close friend must intervene and look for a detox centre. It can be stressful to find a competent centre as you partially bear the responsibility for someone’s life.  The medical care professionals, the environment, comfort level and the history of a detox centre should be taken note of before signing up.  You can also find centres which are in network with the insurance policies as it can be vastly expensive.

The next step

When a good detox centre has been found and signed up for it comes down to the individual to continue the whole course. Resisting the impulse to go back to being an addict is very energy consuming and difficult. But one may be able to help himself by realising this fact and making others also aware that withdrawal symptoms can be very terrible and intense but we should focus more on the light that is at the end of the tunnel. Detox centres offer art therapies, meditation, music therapies and many effective and positive activities for individuals recovering from drug addiction. Ascendant Detox New Jersey offers services for detox if you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.


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