Drug rehab treatments are many, but just as many as there are treatments, there are different kinds of drug addictions and different levels of drug addictions. All of them can be treated by just going to the rehab center and getting yourself checked over there. After an initial check-up, the patients are advised a drug rehab treatment program that they will have to incorporate into their working or studying schedule if it is going to be an outpatient treatment program. If it is going to be an inpatient treatment program, then they will have to leave everything and get situated into a rehab facility to get their treatment done. 

We will go into more detail about the treatment programs. These are not the only two programs that are available for the patient, there are many others which can help the patient get detoxed from their drug addiction problem. These other treatment options are also vital for the drug addict’s recovery process. If they are left out, then the drug addict might not be able to recover 100 percent from their drug addiction. 

What are the treatment options? Well, here are the treatment options that one gets after going to a rehab facility.

Outpatient rehab treatment.

This treatment option is very flexible as compared to the others. In this treatment, the patient can go and do their practical stuff such as working, studying, and doing other specific tasks that are required. They can even spend leisure time with family and friends and on their hobbies which the rehab facility will help them get as it is part of the treatment program. In the outpatient treatment option, the patient has to come to the facility for 1 hour or 2 hours for a few times a week. It depends how many times a week they can come. The drug addiction levels are checked and if they are reaching moderate to extreme levels, then the patient might be called in daily for 7 days a week for a few hours a day as this would be the best course of action.

Intensive outpatient treatment.

For patients who are not getting any results out of outpatient treatment. They are told to get intensive outpatient treatment. This is just an intense version of outpatient treatment, instead of 1-2 hours daily, the patient is given 3 hours a day with detox process that involves medications to help with the withdrawal phase.

Inpatient treatment.

This is something that is given to the drug addict if their drug addiction reaches the extreme levels. If the patient is seen always doing drugs and not prioritizing anything else in their life, then that means that they are extremely addicted and this treatment is just right for them. It will make them get admitted into a rehab facility, be cared for 24 hours a day, get detoxed with medications and get therapy as well. This is a surefire way of protecting the patient from places and people that might trigger their drug addiction needs. 

Intensive inpatient treatment.

This is something that is assigned when inpatient treatment does not do any good to the patient. It is an intense form of inpatient treatment with extra medication and extra care given along with more therapy sessions. 

These are the treatment programs that are assigned to patients after checkup. Not only this, their underlying mental illnesses are also taken care of. So, if you want to make an appointment with a rehab center then click here: https://impactrecoverycenter.net/ and get started.

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