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WordPress sites are known for their accessibility to users across the Internet. Web accessibility invokes credibility and ethically includes web users from all backgrounds of life. There are some reasons why WordPress takes the subject of accessibility very seriously.

You should know what your site lacks when it comes to WordPress accessibility. However, the good news is every website built on WordPress is already accessible; however, you do have the scope to improve it for better business benefits. In this context, every updated and new code on WordPress should comply with the guidelines listed under WCAG according to the WordPress Accessibility Coding Standards.

Install a high-quality WordPress Plugin to boost business credibility and growth

The Accessibe WordPress Plugin is a boon to business owners for their WordPress sites. It is simple to install a plugin for your business site to aid in search engine optimization and targeted web traffic. This tool syncs in well with the site code to make the required adjustments to your site’s design and UI to boost navigation, color contrast, and text.

Besides the above, you are able to enjoy the benefits of automatic adjustments with screen readers. Business owners get compliance monitoring updates daily, and the tool audits the site after every 24 hours. With this extensive plugin, you can know when issues in accessibility arise and how you can fix them with success.

Factors that impact your WordPress site’s accessibility

The accessibility of your WordPress site depends upon some crucial factors like-

  1. How your site has been developed and customized.
  2. Whether you are using an inaccessible theme.
  3. Whether you have downloaded a plugin that is inaccessible.

Note all the above elements have the scope to hamper site accessibility.

A site audit will enable you to check the standard of web accessibility

In order to check the state of your WordPress accessibility, you need to conduct a site audit; however, before doing so, you must know about the different types of web accessibility online. They are-

1. Multi-device– Your site should be mobile friendly as 53% of web traffic is generated from mobile phones. Responsive themes on WordPress help; however, it is prudent for you to check this aspect of web accessibility once.

2. Impairments like cognitive, visual, auditory, and motor– Your site must be accessible to screen readers. This will help people with visual impairments to navigate through the site without hassles.

3. Economic (old hardware or slow Internet)- Users who do not have the latest technologies should be able to navigate through your site. You can help them by giving users quick web page loading times or opting for high-quality hosting.

As a business owner, it is your moral and digital duty to enhance web accessibility for all users. Installing the Accessibe WordPress Plugin largely helps you to boost the standards of web accessibility for your business website with success. You can invoke better-targeted web traffic and enhance business credibility in the process as well!

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