Extending The Charge Of My Mobility Scooter Batteries

Mobility scooter batteries normally last for about 300 to 400 cycles or are done in about two to three years. If your mobility scooter does not take you as far as it used to then the batteries probably have to be replaced.

A big sign to look for is when the batteries lose charge much faster than before. In this article we will discuss what to do should your mobility scooter batteries lose charge quicker than usual.

Replace Old Batteries

Research conducted by the U.S Department of Energy shows that over time batteries lose energy because of a chemical reaction that takes place.

What happens is that the charging cycle forms crystals, which the more it is charged the more it loses capacity and efficiency.

Thus, if you haven’t replaced your battery in 400 charging cycles, it is time to replace it.

Locate The Mobility Scooter Battery Indicator

In the owner’s manual of your specific mobility scooter, you will find indications on where to locate the battery indicator or the battery meter.

The battery indicator is normally digital, and the amp meter is analog, with an orange needle or a digital LED light.

The best way to check your indicator is to stop the mobility scooter but keep it in the “on” position. This normally helps to light up the indicator light or move the orange needle into place.

Test The Mobility Scooter Batteries

Now that you know where the battery indicator is, it is time for you to test the battery. Take a look at the indicator while the scooter is stationery. You must ensure that batteries are fully charged during the testing process.

Drive the scooter on a horizontal flat surface while observing the indicator. If the needles or the LED lights go down quickly while moving it the batteries are weak and need to be replaced.

Another way to test the batteries is to ride the scooter uphill or on an incline that causes the usage of more energy. At the top of the incline take a look at the battery indicator. If the charge has dropped very low, to the halfway mark or lower, the batteries must be replaced.

Test The Charger

When batteries lose charge, it is mostly because of age or because they’ve overused. Sometimes it can also be because of the charger.

Chargers also age and when they do they don’t charge the batteries as well. You have to test the charger by gauging how much time it takes to charge the batteries. If it takes quite a while, it is a sign that the charger might start to fail.

Another tip has to do with placing the charger in a different power outlet to make sure the problem is not because of electrical components linked to that outlet. In order to test, use a completely different outlet. This will help you see whether the batteries charge quicker than they did in the previous outlet.

With this test you will be able to see whether you need a new battery charger or whether the problem is with your outlet.

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