Among all the fashion accessories, shoes and boots are used the most. Since they aren’t cheap to replace, you must store them with care. By doing so, you can keep your shoes supple and wearable for years and also save money in the long run. 

The first step to keeping your shoes in good condition is cleaning and drying. There are various methods to ensure your shoes don’t get damaged easily. Here are some of them. 

  1. Use a shoe tree 

Environmental factors like humidity, gravity, and aridity can significantly impact your shoes. The shoe develops folds and creases over time, which later become permanent deformations of structural elements.

Remember that materials become stiff with age. In case of storing them for a short period, shoes only require the minimum support of a shoe tree or reshaping by hand as they are placed on a shelf. While taking your shoes off, put them carefully into the storage. Never throw your shoe on a pile, as it will only damage them and distort their shape.

  1. Place the shoes on wooden shoe horns

Storing shoes for the long term varies from storing the shoes you wear more often. Shoes that will be off your feet for a week or more require structure and wooden shoe horns. In this case, stretchers are an ideal option that helps in maintaining the shape of your shoe. 

But you must ensure that you are using the correct size as it unnecessarily stretches the shoe. Some adjustable versions are available to customize the fit before storage. 

Since shoes tend to develop residual moisture, you should make them rest for at least a day. It then helps moisture to evaporate. You should only proceed with adding the wooden or plastic shoe frames because the insertion can block the dampness within the shoe’s body, leading to deterioration. 

  1. Opt for a shoe organizer 

The storing area of your Off White Jordan 1 Unc will hugely determine its overall health. There are specialized shoe storage options ranging from wire racks to boxes to custom cabinets. However, the ideal storage solution can be found only if you know how many times the shoe will be worn.

For shoes worn regularly, opt for open storage that allows damp leather or fabric to breathe and keep them fresh. This storage option is not the most suitable one in the case of long-term storage. 

Final Thought

The best way to identify the right storage option for your Off White Jordan 1 Unc is to determine how long you want to store them. You should also consider the type of shoe in this case. 

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