Choosing where to go on your vacation can be a challenging task. It’s essential to make sure you choose the right resort since it will likely be one of the most significant expenses of your trip.

For most people, this includes not only finding the most memorable place to visit, but one that backs up its claims and offers everything they’ve been dreaming of. With all of these choices available and everyone’s opinions differing slightly, how do you know which 5 star hotels in Bali are best for you?

Make a list

The first step should always be making a list of what you need while on vacation. Do you want specific amenities like free wifi or an outdoor pool? How about proximity to attractions, restaurants and shopping centres? Some people even have preferences regarding room types or bed sizes. Making a list of what you want will narrow down your search significantly.

Next, see which resorts have essential amenities for you. It is especially true if you’re looking for something more unique like an outdoor pool or free wifi–not all resorts have them. If these aren’t necessarily necessities, this list could also include good things, like on-site restaurants or shuttle services. There’s usually at least one resort out there with everything on your list, so narrowing it down can be easy.

Consider your budget

You may find yourself weighing out the options between several different resorts, but sometimes these resorts don’t always offer everything you need, either.

It’s also important to consider your budget. Most people have a set price point they’d like to stay at, and it can be challenging to find a resort that fits this range while offering all the amenities you need.

You don’t want a beautiful room just a half-mile from the beach if it means having to pay extra for wifi or parking, so take a look at each resort’s website and find out what their prices are like. The good news is you’ll probably find something pretty close to your budget as long as you know where to look.

Look at reviews

If everything still seems somewhat equal between several resorts, then it’s time to try narrowing down some more by looking at reviews from past guests. These can be a great insight into what the resorts offer and how functional they are compared to their website or ad campaigns claims. It is also an excellent way to find out any common complaints so you can avoid them while on vacation.

Check out the FAQs

Before making a final decision, take one last look through the resort websites’ FAQs and see if there’s anything else you’d like to know about their rooms, restaurants or daily life. Often, these questions have already been answered in detail, so all you need to do is find where they’re located. If not, please shoot over an email with your concerns and get everything sorted out before booking.

Make your final decision

Once you’ve done all of this, it’s time to make your final decision. You should have access to everything that you have on your list and within budget, so there shouldn’t be any reason not to book.

When it comes down to finalizing cancellations, picking the fitting room or what paperwork needs filling out, reading over the FAQs will come in handy again—especially with how different resorts operate. It is also where looking through past guests’ reviews shines since you can see if they had any issues that needed resolving along the way.

Don’t forget about travel insurance either. It may not seem necessary, but it offers a lot more than just being able to rebook your vacation in case something happens. Travel insurance offers medical coverage trip cancellation protection and even covers you if your bags are lost or stolen.

Bottom line

Finding a great place to stay on vacation doesn’t have to be complicated with planning and research. Keep your personal needs in mind, look through reviews for past guests’ opinions on how well their needs were met and look up travel insurance policies before making any final commitment.


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