Jaisalmer – The Golden City

The golden city of Jaisalmer is a beautiful blend of magic, mystery, and grandeur. You will be captivated by the colourful embroidered fabrics and cool shade of its monuments, as well as the warm sun.

Although the city is now commercialized, it still retains its magic atmosphere. You will find the Havelis, a beautiful, honey-coloured sandstone that gives Jaisalmer its golden glow, as you stroll along narrow streets lined with shops. It is a striking picture of beauty and brilliance in the middle of a desert. It is the true beauty of heritage, and tourists will be amazed by its charm if the following places are there in their  jaisalmer tour package to jaisalmer trip package.

These are some of the must-see places.

There are many historical monuments all over the area, so it won’t be easy to choose which one you want to see. You may first notice the Fort, which is a valid reason. This fantastic destination, also known locally as the Sonar Quila, is a landmark of the city. Explore the other Havelis, such as Nathmal Ji ki Haveli or Salim Ji ki Haveli.

After all the historical and architectural splendours of the city, you can relax at the Gadsisar Lake. Here you might see many migratory bird species to cheer yourself up. For those looking to get a taste of the fascinating Rajasthani culture, the Desert Cultural Center is the place to be.

Finding Your Way

Jaisalmer’s public transport system primarily consists mainly of bicycles and auto-rickshaws. The most common form of public transportation in Jaisalmer is the auto-rickshaw. They are usually available at a nominal cost and can be negotiated. You can also rent bicycles on an hourly or daily basis if you’re going to be sightseeing. These two modes of transportation are ideal for navigating congested roads.

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Tourists may also be able to find taxis, privately and government-owned, that they can hire directly at tourist destinations or through travel agents.

You can also opt for site-seeing and city tours buses if you have limited cash. These are also very affordable.

Here are some tips to remember

Jaisalmer’s daytime temperatures can be extremely hot, especially during summers. However, they may drop dramatically at night. After reviewing the weather conditions in the city, make sure you have the right clothes.

Jaisalmer’s summer heat can make it extremely hot. Sun protection is essential to avoid sunburns while you’re out exploring the city.

Locals may sell jewellery that appears authentic but is not. Be cautious.

You should negotiate the travel price in an auto-rickshaw, as prices can be unreasonable, especially during peak tourist season.

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