HnB or Warmth-Not-Burn gadgets are designed to warmth tobacco to ship nicotine with out burning. The HnB producers declare these merchandise to be a protected choice than conventional tobacco-burning cigarettes. Bear in mind, HnB merchandise usually are not innocent, however carry much less danger than smoking cigarettes. They’re totally different than e-cigs, vape pens, or pods.

What’s IQOS?                   

IQOS [I-Quit-Ordinary-Smoking] is a model from Phillips Morris that’s promoted as a greater choice for cigarette smoking. It’s as a result of tobacco is heated and the corporate claims that fewer chemical substances are launched than burning tobacco. The claims are solely based mostly on the tobacco trade’s analysis.

The IQOS machine makes use of a disposable tobacco unit known as ‘Heet’. IQOS heets could be purchased from the web retailer Heated Merchandise.com. Heet are heatsticks together with compressed grounded tobacco that’s inserted in an digital holder. Each heatstick contains of similar nicotine quantity as in a single cigarette. The digital warmth ingredient heats the stick and it emits aerosol that you just inhale.

HnB idea

HnB permits customers to expertise the look and feel of smoking common tobacco cigarettes with out huffing combusted tobacco. Conventional cigarettes produce 7000+ poisonous chemical substances which are dangerous to public well being together with people who smoke and non-smokers. HnB product producers declare that these gadgets are much less dangerous than cigarette smoking.


The vast majority of analysis revealed is led by Phillip Morris Worldwide, which claims that the IQOS smoking system delivers much less toxicity and dangerous chemical. The potential of chemical substances that may hurt the guts or lungs is minimal in animal research.

The tobacco trade has a nasty popularity for misrepresenting the well being harm related to its merchandise. Subsequently well being specialists suggest having FDA or unbiased researchers confirm the tobacco trade’s findings.


HnB gadgets usually are not accessible within the US. Nonetheless, Phillip Morris Worldwide has utilized for FDA approval to promote IQOS underneath the Marlboro model. PMI submitted functions for 2 numerous regulatory approvals.

  1. To market the product as a brand new tobacco product [pre-market approval].
  2. To market the product as much less dangerous in comparison with different tobacco merchandise. [MRTP approval].

On eleventh March 2021, FDA issued MRTP authorization to market IQOS 3 system holder & charger with diminished publicity declare. Nonetheless, the MRTP grant order is efficient by way of seventh July 2024.

At the moment, IQOS is globally offered in additional than 60 international locations. There are greater than 17 million customers and IQOS holds the biggest market share of HnB merchandise. You should buy IQOS and HeatSticks in mall kiosks, specialty shops, non-specialty stores, pop-up shops, and even on-line.

Particulars about heat-not-burn [HnB] tobacco merchandise

  • Aerosol is generated from heating processed tobacco. The aerosol accommodates nicotine, components, chemical substances, and flavorings.
  • Aerosol accommodates the identical nicotine quantity as in conventional cigarette smoke.
  • Tobacco gadgets can be found in specialty and comfort shops.
  • IQOS machine is totally different than e-cigs. HnB merchandise ship nicotine through pure tobacco, whereas e-cigs use liquid nicotine.
  • Aerosol launched is much less lingering than cigarette smoke.
  • Aerosol accommodates poisonous chemical substances and carcinogens however the quantity is fewer means you might be uncovered to much less danger than cigarette smoking.
  • The authorized age to purchase IQOS is 21 years.

The tobacco trade claims to introduce merchandise that may assist to stop smoking, however in actuality, the statistics present a distinct story! Prevention is best!

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