Skiing for the first time can seem incredibly nerve-wracking. Flying down a frozen mountainside with your feet strapped into a pair of long planks – doesn’t it seem like total madness? Remember, that all skiers begin as beginners! The clue is in the name. Whether it is your first time on the slopes or if you are dusting off your skis for the first time in a long while, we have put together some tips to brush up your skiing skills to rush down the slopes once again! Enjoy the adventure when you embark on Ski holidays val thorens.

Clothing is Key

On your ski trip, you will need clothing that is both warm, and waterproof. It is so important to pack thick, waterproof outerwear (pants and a coat), in addition to thermal base layers, and woolen socks for wearing underneath. Outerwear is going to keep water and snow out, while the thermal skin-tight layer is going to keep you nice and warm. Outerwear, you’re going to want to go for some high-quality outerwear from a decent brand – but work with your budget.

Protection is Paramount

Not only do you need decent clothing, but you will also need protective gear like goggles and a helmet. This is going to keep the snow out of your eyes, which can be a real nuisance.

Choose the right ski resort for your

While the majority of ski-resorts do have a good option for beginners, not all of them have the amenities needed when it comes to first-time skiers. The good news is that you can find beginner-friendly ski resorts all over the world.

There are a lot of characteristics of a ski resort that can contribute to a great working environment, this is great for less experienced skiers. While it may not be as comprehensive, a beginner-friendly ski resort contributes to a great learning environment.

  • Gear rental
  • Ski lessons
  • Bunny hills / Green trails

Introductory Lessons

Taking a group, or even individual ski lessons is a fantastic way to learn the basics of skiing in a supportive way. Ski instructors are trained to teach absolute beginners and will help you to learn the motions and techniques that are needed to become a more seasoned skier. Luckily, the majority of ski resorts can offer lessons ranging from first-time skiers to more advanced levels. If you have never in your life before bee skiing, or if it has been several years, then a group lesson is fantastic.

It is recommended that looking for resorts that offer several different levels of classes, so that you can learn as much as you need to, as appropriate for your level, whether you are on a budget or living the luxury lifestyle.

If you are a beginner, you won’t need the poles, as the most important part at this stage is your footwork.

All-one-one is a good way to go

All in one package is a great option as it usually offers some packages at pretty hefty discounts, including the likes of ski rentals, lessons as well as lift tickets. This means you will have access to everything you will need for a good ski trip at an affordable price.

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