Diamonds are a lady’s greatest pal, or a minimum of that’s what everybody retains saying. The symbolism is apparent – a diamond is the last word signal of affection and dedication. However what does all of this speak about diamonds imply for you as a jeweler? It may imply rather a lot, relying in your interpretation of the time period “high quality.” Diamonds are the second hottest jewel amongst American shoppers, with some saying that demand is rising quicker than provide. 

However what does this imply for the common jeweler? It implies that there’s loads of misinformation on the market relating to diamonds. So, on this article, you’ll be taught the 4C’s of diamond high quality, and find out how to establish a high-quality stone.

What’s Diamond High quality?

For hundreds of years, diamonds have been symbols of affection, luck, and luck. However what does this all imply, precisely? Briefly, the standard of a diamond is the grade of gemstone it’s, and the upper the standard, the rarer the stone.

The 4C’s of A Diamond: Reduce, Readability, Colour, and Carat.


A high-quality gemstone has an ideal, clear, and even minimize. The minimize of a diamond is what differentiates it from different gem stones. If you happen to’ve ever seen a lab-grown diamond, you’ll have been stunned to be taught that the stone doesn’t have an ideal minimize. The truth is, lab-grown diamonds are sometimes minimize with out being licensed, so the minimize of the stone shouldn’t be all the time constant.


Readability is the reflection of a diamond. The readability of a diamond refers to its brightness. Solomon within the Bible is claimed to have worn a hoop with a ruby in it that was “as clear as crystal.” The perfect readability for a diamond is SI1, which is a colorless stone with no imperfections.

What results does the readability have?

The readability of a stone is what differentiates it from different gem stones, so it’s essential that it’s top-notch. 


The colour of a diamond is graded utilizing a coloration grading system, with the 4 essential classes being:

  • Yellow – That is the commonest coloration, and is appropriate for all events. I – Orange – That is the second-most common coloration, and is the proper complement to J diamonds.
  • Orange – That is the second-most common coloration, and is the proper complement to J diamonds. H – Purple – That is the rarest of the 4 essential colours, and is commonly reserved for an engagement ring.

What results does the colour have?

A high-quality, well-cut diamond is all the time going to be extra worthwhile than a poorly-cut stone of decrease high quality. However a well-cut diamond with a poor readability or coloration may nonetheless discover a house in a Jewellery Designers’ ring.


In summation, the 4 C’s of diamond high quality are minimize, readability, coloration, and carat.

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