Fleas are generally considered safe insects; the most they do is bite, resulting in reddening and itching. Some people who are sensitive to flea bites may suffer from allergic reactions and, in some severe cases, anaphylactic shock (a severe type of allergic reaction). 

Some species of fleas are known to be vectors of deadly diseases. They carry the parasites and disease factors and transmit them to humans. Therefore, if your home or property has problems with fleas, you may contact pest experts to get professional pest control Schertz services to help you get rid of fleas and any other pests present in your house. 

Various dangerous diseases that fleas transmit. 

Bubonic plague: 

Also known as the black death, it occurred as an epidemic and killed almost 50% of the European population. Rodents carry the plague, and fleas feeding on rodents get infected. Humans get infected when an infected flea bites them. Nowadays, bubonic plague is effectively treated using antibiotics. 

Murine typhus: 

The agent for murine typhus is carried in rodents. Fleas feeding upon rodents transmit the infection to humans. Symptoms include headache, chills, weakness, and nausea. The treatment is simple, and patients recover quickly. 


It is a rare disease caused by the burrowing flea; this species anchors itself to the feet and burrows into the epidermis affecting the feet adversely. People traveling to sandy areas are advised to wear shoes to avoid tungiasis. 


Tularemia occurs due to Francisella tularensis; the reservoir of the bacteria are rodents. Tularemia is transmitted to humans by biting an infected flea feeling upon a carried rodent. Symptoms include sudden fever, chills, diarrhea, joint pain, and weakness. Tularemia is not a life-threatening disease. However, medical attention is required, and antibiotics are administered for treatment. 


The saliva of a flea can lead to allergic reactions in sensitive people. The response can result in a rash or patches of skin as itchy bumps. 

A flea bite can trigger an asthmatic attack in patients who have asthma. 

What should you do if you have a flea infestation in your house? 

If you have seen fleas wandering around in your house, the first thing to ensure is to avoid any bites by using repellents, wearing complete clothes, etc. After this, you should look for professional pest control services; pest experts can help you get rid of fleas and stay safe.


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