With an increasing number of foreign visitors travelling to their much-anticipated overseas breaks, COVID PCR test is one of the techniques that the UK and destinations worldwide are using to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help people travel as safely as possible.

Who Needs This?

Anyone vaccinated with a UK-recognised vaccine and vaccination programme and visiting the UK must undergo this test before and after arrival.

When Do They Need It?

They need to undergo a COVID PCR test before travelling to their favourite holiday destinations. However, you should take Day 2 Lateral Flow test on or before Day 2 after arriving in the UK.

What Is A Holiday Pcr Test?

When travelling to your holiday destination, you need to check if a test is necessary.

Make a note of the following:

  • What kind of test do you require?
  • When will you have to take your test?
  • Whether your vaccination status has an impact on the sort of test you’ll need to undergo?

You may have to undergo a COVID PCR test, Lateral Flow test, or fit to fly test for a holiday PCR test.

What is a Rapid Holiday PCR Test?

Antigen testing is referred to as “rapid tests.” Antigen testing can provide results in as little as 15 minutes. Although rapid PCR tests are available, they are still costly and difficult to get.

What is a COVID PCR Test?

COVID PCR test is carried out in a laboratory after taking a sample from the patient.

Why Should You Do It?

A spike in COVID-19 cases has coincided with the holiday season. Many people have added tasks to their to-do lists for vacation and party planning: Getting tested through holiday PCR tests.

  • The infectious coronavirus may transmit among loved ones coming from near and far during holidays and celebrations. And, so the theory goes, figuring out who is carrying an unwanted virus might help break the chain of transmission.
  • Receiving test results for gatherings or travelling ahead of time might help individuals adjust their plans to avoid the virus joining the celebrations.
  • Holiday PCR test allows for prompt detection of patients, treatment, and isolation to avoid the spread of disease.
  • Early testing also identifies anyone who has contacted infected persons earlier, allowing them to be treated as soon as possible.

What If I Test Positive?

If you have tested positive, you should abandon travelling for now. You must isolate yourself and have a PCR test.

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