If you’re a veteran, you’ve probably already gotten started on getting your regular benefits from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). However, the big question is whether you knew that you could get women’s health care benefits. As you know, that is an important part of maintaining your health and avoiding living with any diseases. Read on to learn more about these benefits and how to apply for them today.

What Are Women’s Health Care Benefits?

The VA offers various care for female veterans, including long-term care, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, gender-specific care, primary care, disease prevention, and continuous and emergency contraception. Basically, that is any health care offered to male veterans, plus gender-specific care and contraception options. You can receive these treatment options at any VA medical center.

Who Is Eligible?

The basic qualification is that you must be enrolled in the VA health care system. In this case, you can check your eligibility in your benefits package to see the requirements for this program and if you are eligible. Generally, you have to no longer be in service due to a reason other than dishonorable discharge and a female. Those who were dishonorably discharged will need to visit the Office on Women’s Health to find another location to receive treatment unless you have an exception from the VA.

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How Do You Apply?

You will need to contact the Women Veterans Program Manager at your local VA medical center to begin the application process. This individual will guide you through the application process and get you set up with benefits at your local medical center. Additionally, you will need to set up your online portal to complete the application process and see your benefit summary.

Who Do You Contact About These?

If you have more questions about this benefit, you can visit the VA’s frequently asked questions page or call your local VA office to get assistance. However, any questions about a current policy can usually be answered by reading your benefits summary in the VA’s online portal. Your VA representative will instruct you on setting this portal up, navigating it, and understanding your benefits summary.

Think of it as a one-stop location for all of your VA women’s health care questions. You will be able to see the summary of your benefits and find answers to many of the specific questions about your case. That makes this a crucial resource that can keep you off of hold for hours. That means you’ll be able to spend more time with your family and enjoying life as a veteran.

The VA understands the importance of women’s health services and offers many at their medical centers. These have made women’s health readily accessible for female veterans. However, as a female veteran, it is your responsibility to see if you are eligible and to apply as soon as possible to start receiving these benefits. Once you are given these benefits, you’ll be able to receive any gender-specific care and contraception you need at your local VA medical center.

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