Zits can turn into a long-term (persistent) situation. Even when it happens solely throughout adolescence, it could generally depart lifetime scars. Zits scars can turn into sunken (depressed) as a result of tissue loss, which might appear like ice decide pits. As well as, they could be rolling, giving a wavy sample on the pores and skin, or boxlike. These are generally discovered on the face and are known as boxcar zits scars. Zits scars will also be elevated as a result of additional tissue within the type of a keloid or hypertrophic scar. These are extra frequent on the again and chest. Lastly, zits can depart vibrant marks. In lighter pores and skin, these blotches would possibly seem purple, purple, or pink. In darker pores and skin, they could be tan to darkish brown. These will not be scars and can normally disappear over time.

Zits scar therapy

Your healthcare practitioner will suggest specific strategies to scale back zits scars primarily based on the next:

  • Age, common well being, and medical historical past
  • Scar severity
  • Scar sort
  • Your choice for particular drugs, remedies, or therapies

Zits remedy might help scale back scarring. Nevertheless, some procedures could assist to scale back zits scars much more. Beneath are a number of strategies to take away zits scars.


This process can scale back tiny scars, minor pores and skin floor imperfections, surgical scars, and zits scars. It entails scraping (abrading) the highest layers of pores and skin with a chunk {of electrical} tools. The floor will seem smoother and younger because the pores and skin recovers after surgical procedure. You’ll usually want 5 to 7 days at residence to heal. Microdermabrasion is among the many much less intrusive process. The general course of consists of a number of remedies that don’t want the identical quantity of downtime.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels often deal with sun-damaged pores and skin, uneven color (pigmentation), and superficial scars. The pores and skin’s prime layer is eliminated utilizing a chemical that’s administered to the pores and skin. The pores and skin regenerates by eliminating the highest layer. This technique will lead to an improved look.

Dermal filler injections

These are injected beneath the pores and skin to replenish the physique’s pure collagen that has been misplaced. Injectable dermal fillers restore wrinkles, depressed zits scars, and facial traces. Nevertheless, most fillers are solely short-term. They usually endure 6 to 18 months.

Laser resurfacing and lightweight remedies

Laser resurfacing employs high-energy mild to burn away broken pores and skin. As an illustration, procedures such because the pico laser therapy can scale back pores and skin imperfections, together with zits scarring. To treatment elevated zits scars, a pulsed dye laser could also be employed. Intense pulsed mild could also be an alternate for individuals with lighter pores and skin.

Punch grafts

Punch grafts are microscopic pores and skin transplants used to revive broken pores and skin. First, a gap is made within the pores and skin to eradicate the scar. That is then restored with scar-free pores and skin (usually from the again of the earlobe). On this means, punch grafts can help in therapeutic deep zits scars.

Subcutaneous incision

A surgical probe is used to take away the pores and skin from the scar tissue, which is able to trigger the pores and skin to rise. It would ultimately easy the floor of depressed zits scars.

Autologous fats switch

This process injects fats from one other a part of your physique into your pores and skin. The practitioner will insert fats beneath the pores and skin’s floor to raise depressed scars. This process addresses deep contour flaws produced by scarring from nodulocystic zits. Over time, the fats could also be reabsorbed into the pores and skin. In consequence, the operation could must be repeated.


These are generally known as intralesional injections. These embrace injecting a drugs, usually a steroid, straight right into a raised scar. This course of causes the scar to flatten and soften. Due to this, a number of remedies are often required.


This process causes the scar tissue to die by freezing it, which is able to fall off. This technique generally makes use of intralesional injections. One doable aspect impact of cryotherapy is pores and skin whitening. This makes the handled area lighter than the encircling pores and skin.

Topical lotions

Scar lotions containing retinoids or silicone may help in lowering zits scarring.

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