Do you want to ride a horse over fences?

The sport is challenging and fun. After feeling secure doing flatwork at a walk, trot and canter, taking lessons is a recommended way to learn the complex skills involved in horse jumping.

Some stables have schooling horse jumps set up for beginners, and trainers may have an experienced steady steed to help with your instruction. Advanced equestrian sports with jumping include eventing, steeplechasing and show jumping.

Whenever riding, a focus on safety remains paramount. Be sure that you can halt your horse, and wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet and boots.

Learn How the Horse Thinks

Jumping is a complex process involving communication and coordination between horse and rider. The horse will respond to commands and directives from the rider’s legs, seat, hands and voice.

The dynamics of going over a jump on horseback demand that the rider feel not only secure in the saddle but also be able to maintain balance while the horse takes powerful strides to jump. Instruction requires learning about how the horse prepares for the jump, takes off, clears the hurdle and lands on the other side front feet first.

The experience of being in sync with a jumping horse could be described as flying.

Ride a Horse That Knows How to Jump

Schooling horses are used to teach riders at diverse levels. These horses are trained to perform many riding activities and typically have the patience that is helpful to learners who may give incorrect or incomplete cues.

Take Lessons at a Comfortable Pace

Learning to ride takes time. Learning to jump will take longer. Remember that setting your own pace as you learn and practice skills is key to increasing confidence.

Signs of riding success are reaching a level of confidence and a sense of enjoyment.

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