For another golf player, getting into the sport of golf can be scary. There are on the whole these unwritten standards, various things you ought to and shouldn’t do on the course. Yet, beginning shouldn’t scare you to an extreme. There are a couple of key golf behavior do’s and don’ts that will make them feel more open to being on the course in the blink of an eye. Here is your golf behavior list sheet.


  1. Pay attention to the rules of the course you are playing. From the way you dress to the proper golf cart etiquette you’ll want to review expectations of each course you visit.
  2. You also should pay attention to where other golfers on the course are. Make sure not to make your next swing until everyone is clear. Even if you aren’t playing close to other players it’s important to pay attention to make sure you’re helping to keep others and yourself safe.
  3. Play or practice with a pro. It will definitely help you learn more, build a stronger foundation for your game and improve  the way you play.
  4. Wear a cool cap, visor, or straw cap, particularly on sunny days.
  5. Make sure to keep your golf clubs protected while driving in the cart and make sure you have a set of golf club covers.


  1. Don’t wear a poorly fitted shirt. Always make sure you can move comfortably in what you will wear when playing golf.
  2. Don’t wear more clothing than necessary and be sure everything fits well. You want to have a professional look and you should also be sure that your clothes won’t impede your golf swing.
  3. Try not to wear denim, freight shorts, pants, workout pants, yoga pants or other athletic jeans.
  4. Ensure your phone is switched off or on silent so it doesn’t so it doesn’t interrupt or disturb the other golfers in your group or other people on the course.
  5. Be considerate when other players, especially when somebody is playing right behind you and there is no one before you, offer them to play through.

Golf is a game that brings together people from all walks of life. Whether you’re new to the game or an old-timer, knowing the dos and don’ts of the game will make it a more enjoyable experience.


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