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An information technology (IT) audit is an in-depth examination, review,investigation and evaluation of a company’s information technology (IT) infrastructure. It involves thoroughly scrutinizing the corporations’ computer systems, business software applications, data usage, management controls, operational processes,policies and procedures. The purpose of the audit is to determines whether the IT internal controls which the company formulates and implements are capable of achieving certain objectives. These goals include protecting the corporate enterprise’s information technology assets and ensuring proper data integrity. Moreover, these internal controls should bein accordance with specific industry-based standards, align with the company’s organizational vision and financial objectives.

Companies invest a significant portion of their monetary resources on emerging computer systems, business software solutions and adopting cloud technology. The entrepreneurs running these corporations make such large investments in suitable IT assets to ensure their businesses retain their competitive advantage. However, the increasing dependence on information technology to conduct business operations make the corporate enterprises susceptible the following cyber-security risks:

  • Malware, spyware or ransomware attacks to their IT systems by malicious individuals,
  • Data breaches by discontent employees to commit fraudulent acts and siphon off funds,
  • Successful hacking operations which cyber-criminals might conduct to defraud the companies,
  • Phishing attacks by spiteful hackers to gain unauthorized access to confidential business data, and
  • Insider data leaks by certain employees who sell the sensitive information to the highest bidders.

These potential cyber-security risks can be detrimental to the companies over time. Fortunately, authorizing an elaborate information technology (IT) audit can prevent the occurrence of such a scenario.

How do managed IT support vendors perform an IT audit?

Conducting an information technology (IT) audit under the supervision of managed IT support San Francisco service providers allow companies to minimize cyber-security risks to their businesses.Managed IT support vendors are third-party corporate enterprises who oversee and monitor their clients’ IT infrastructure and relevant end-user systems.When carrying out an information technology (IT) audit on their business clients’ computer systems and IT infrastructure, the experts of these companies:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the corporations’ computer systems and other IT infrastructure,
  • Review the internal controls which the companies formulate to safeguard their business data,
  • Determine the potential cyber-security risks to the companies’ information technology (IT) assets,
  • Formulate viable ways to tackle or minimize these cyber-security threats the companies’ IT assets,
  • Ensure the corporation’s information management policies are compliant with IT-specific laws,
  • Assess whether the existing IT controls are adequate in ensuring the integrity of companies’ data, and
  • Identify inefficiencies and vulnerabilities in the companies’ IT infrastructure and systems.

Hiring reliable corporate managed IT support San Francisco vendors perform an extensive IT audit can enable companies to mitigate potential cyber-security threats to their businesses. These service providers take a proactive approach in evaluating the clients’ IT infrastructure, identifying potential vulnerabilities and executing appropriate measures. This helps the corporations to safeguard its IT assets and maintain the integrity of its business data. However, the corporate vendors they hire should have a good market reputation, adequate industry-based experience and reasonable subscription-based pricing policy to be effective for the company.


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