Nadi astrology or ‘Nadi jyothisa’ is a type of observe related to Dharma astrology. The observe of Nadi astrology is extra prevalent in southern India, particularly in Tamil Nadu and its adjoining states. The origin of Nadi astrology has been attributed to the Vedic sage identified by the title ‘Agastya’.

What’s Nadi Astrology?

The idea that Nadi astrology’s core is that sages have foreseen the lives of many current human beings in historical occasions. The lives of these envisioned by the traditional sages had been recorded on palm leaves referred to as ‘Nadi Granthas’. The knowledge contained within the palm leaves is stuffed with particulars concerning a person’s life, prospects, well being and marriage, and different such points of the seeker’s life. 

In as we speak’s observe of Nadi astrology, a professional and skilled Nadi astrologer can decipher the readings recorded on the palm leaves and therefore present related solutions to the seeker. Within the Tamil language, ‘Nadi’ means ‘in the hunt for’. So via Nadi astrology, it is possible for you to to hunt or seek for solutions concerning your life and the way your previous and current will bear a major imprint in your future.   

How does Nadi Astrology work?

Based on the Nadi legend, seekers of Nadi information as recorded within the palm leaves will come in the hunt for their leaves at a pre-destined time. When a seeker arrives, the seeker’s thumbprint is taken, for females, it’s the left thumb impression, and for the male seeker, it’s the proper thumb impression. As categorised by the traditional Nadi sages, the thumb impressions fall into 108 totally different classes. 

To search out the palm leaf that corresponds with the seeker, the seeker must reply questions based mostly on the numerous verses of the leaves and the thumb impressions. 

The palm leaf that corresponds with the seeker is believed to have data concerning the seeker’s title and the title of the dad and mom and marital accomplice. General, the leaf will present an outline of the seeker’s life, the previous, the current and the longer term.

The methods during which Nadi Astrology can show to be helpful in life

In terms of Nadi Astrology, future has a major function. As recorded within the historical Nadi texts, a Nadi studying just isn’t for everybody. The seekers themselves will search divination within the type of Nadi astrology whether it is destined to occur. However, listed here are how Nadi astrology will be helpful in your life.

A greater understanding of life patterns

The longer term is continually altering, and these adjustments are straight associated to your current. The stuff you do, the actions you undertake, and your selections within the current ripple via and form your future. Nadi astrology will enable you get a greater grasp of those life patterns and perceive how the previous, the current, and the longer term all exist concurrently in the mean time ‘now’. 

The sages who recorded their foreseeings within the palm leaves had been smart individuals who had large perception into the life and its patterns. So likewise, Nadi Astrology will enable you achieve a greater perception into your life and due to this fact enable you make higher selections and affirmative actions.

Sense of safety and tranquility

As an offshoot to ‘understanding life patterns’, the higher perception you’ve got in your life and life generally. How all the things is linked and the way every motion is preceded by one other and culminates into one other will carry a couple of sense of calmness and tranquillity in your life. You can be extra acutely aware and safe whereas making selections and taking motion.

Accuracy of Nadi Astrology

How correct are the readings of Nadi astrology? The readings offered by this type of astrology have been seen to be fairly correct generally phrases. Nonetheless, the precision of Nadi astrology relies on many components, a few of that are –

  • Identification of the precise pal leaf.
  • The expertise and the proficiency of the Nadi astrologer.
  • The function of future signifies that in case you are moved in direction of Nadi astrology with none exterior forces, you are feeling inside, for the necessity to. Then it was believed that Nadi readings for such seekers had been extra correct. 


Nadi astrologers are available every kind and specialisations. There are common Nadi astrologers, the Rashi Nadis, the Prasna Nadis and Tantra Nadis. So when searching for a session with a Nadi astrologer, make sure that what sort of a Nadi astrologer you might be searching for precisely. And when you find yourself selecting one, take some to hold out analysis on the astrologer, the {qualifications}, expertise and credibility.


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