Shopping for an unique blue stone sapphire is an funding which will final you a lifetime. For the reason that stone is ruled by Saturn, it incorporates some intense vitality, and if you’re trying to get one for your self, then the talked about components will provide you with an concept about whether or not the stone introduced in entrance of you is unique or pretend.

Original Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Stone

Blue sapphire, popularly often called Neelam, is without doubt one of the strongest gems ruled by Saturn – Shani among the many Navratnas. This gemstone is thought to convey nice fortune and prosperity to the wearer’s life. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that the optimistic results of this gemstone will not be appropriate to all, however in the proper arms, it might probably do wonders.

Artificial blue sapphire gems are created within the lab, whereas pure ones are discovered within the depths of the earth. The color of an unique blue sapphire ranges between medium to darkish tones of blue. Nevertheless, Neelam in shades of sunshine blue are thought-about unique.

So how does one go about figuring out a pure and unique Neelam from those created within the lab?

Listed below are components that can enable you establish an unique blue sapphire stone.

Flaws and inclusions – Each pure gemstone can have nice spots that validate its originality. Take a look on the stone by the jewellers magnifying glass, should you discover tiny inclusions, then it’s a signal that the stone is unique. Artificial stones, alternatively, shall be flawless. Nevertheless, a few of the unique gems could also be freed from inclusions. In such instances getting a lab check certification from a dependable gemologist will be useful.

Breathe check–That is one other method of checking if the sapphire is unique or lab-made. If you breathe on the unique gemstone, the fog will disappear straight away, whereas with regards to a lab-made gemstone, the fog will take about 5 seconds to vanish. The time distinction isn’t a lot, however one will be capable to establish if the stone is pretend.

Carry out a scratch check – As an illustration, there are two stones, rub them in opposition to one another. If considered one of them is scratched, then in all probability it’s a artificial one, or is manufactured from glass, or is of low high quality. Authentic blue sapphire stone can’t scratch since it’s a sturdy gemstone and can’t be scratched with any substance tougher or equal to it.

Authentic vs artificial– If you place the gemstone in opposition to any mild and spot air bubbles, it’s a signal of artificial blue sapphire. These air bubbles are fashioned throughout the making of artificial gems. It’s important to take a better look from every angle since these air bubbles will not be seen.

A very powerful issue to think about whereas investing in a blue sapphire stone is its originality. An unique Neelam can have an amplified impact, and as soon as worn, the wearer will quickly start to note the adjustments it brings to his/her life in comparison with the artificial ones.


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