A hookah permits you to smoke particular flavored tobacco in a wide range of flavors. A social event for enjoyable. Within the Center East, folks have smoked water pipes for many years. You will discover varied shisha cafes and eating places. In the meantime, water pipe smoking can also be broadly loved in Western nations. 

The water pipe has totally different phrases resembling: shisha, hookah, hubbly-bubbly or narghile. Steam stones are positioned on high of the tobacco bowl of a hookah, after which heating offers off a vapor. That is how one can take pleasure in smoking at a hookah.  

Waterpipe smoking ideas

Listed below are some tricks to make smoking shisha as gratifying as potential:

  • Put the charcoal on the skin of the tobacco bowl and work your manner inwards. This manner you’ll be able to benefit from the water pipe longer.
  • We advocate you blow the smoke out of the bottom every so often, by means of the valve. This manner the smoke doesn’t style like metallic.
  • You possibly can mix flavors. For instance, mango and lemon, strawberry and banana are good combos of flavors. You may as well experiment with different liquids resembling juice, milk, or wine along with water. 
  • Including just a little ice to the water makes the smoke even creamier!
  • Use a hookah filter. A hookah filter is a useful accent that permits you to hold your hookah smoking cleaner and makes it higher in your well being. A hookah filter is definitely positioned on the finish of the hose.

Don’t do that

What to not do when smoking a hookah:

  • Don’t poke too many holes within the aluminum foil. The charcoal is supposed to cowl the half with the holes. Too many holes could cause “false air”.
  • Be sure you fill the bottom with the correct amount of water. An excessive amount of water could cause the water to enter the hose. Fill the bottom about midway with water.
  • Don’t simply move the hose to a different individual. Put the dampen after which anticipate the subsequent individual to choose it up. This creates security!


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