There are many competitive exams around like CAT, GMAT, etc. different colleges have different criteria for selection. These colleges require students to clear these tests before allowing them the chance to take admission in their college. One should diligently prepare for these tests. GMAT exam syllabus can be prepared by having a proper and dedicated routine.

Following things must be kept in mind while preparing for such tests-

Periodic evaluation-

It is critical to evaluate oneself from time to time to prepare for exams effectively. One may acquire free sample papers and previous year question papers on a variety of online portals. While studying for any competitive exam, one should try to solve these papers. Here are a few things to think about when creating example papers:

  1. Pretend one is in an examination hall, and try to complete the example paper in one sitting without stopping. For example, if one plans to take a three-hour exam, one must complete the practice test in the same amount of time.
  2. Analyzeone’s answer sheet when one has completed the entire test, and don’t forget to go over the topics one missed.
  3. As many competitive tests have negative marking, it’s best to avoid guesswork.

Take small breaks-

If one truly wants to do well in an exam, don’t study for too long.Breaking up one’s study periods is more preferable to running a marathon. The thing about marathons is that they can help one cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, but the flipside is that they can leave one exhausted and frustrated.And if one wants to ace a competitive exam, one should stay away from that. It will help one in keeping their mind fresh and they can get back to their preparation with more focus.

Try and stay away from distractions-

This is a vital guideline for anyone taking a competitive exam or studying for one. When studying or preparing for a test, keep in mind that one should remain far away from any potential distractions. If one is studying somewhere with a lot of noise, one should go somewhere quiet. These distractions take a lot of one’s time and one tends to lose focus. Thus, one should try and get rid of all the distractions while preparing.

Try and understand the topics-

Rather than memorizing facts, attempt to comprehend the subject. Once one has a thorough understanding of the topic, it will be easier for one to remember it for a long time. Prepare one’s brief notes in the notebook while learning. This will assist one in quickly revising one’s subject. Reading these notes a few days before the exam will be beneficial.

Plan well-

Make sure one has everything planned out before one sits down to study. When studying for an exam, one should have a good concept of what one wants to learn and what one don’t. Plan ahead of time, know what one will cover on which days, and how one will prepare for one’s exam.

Thus, one should structurally prepare for their exams to clear them and get into a good college.


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