Are you planning a trip with your partner, for the first time ever? If yes, then it is certainly one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. It is an exciting venture but planning with someone can be a little challenging, especially if you are used to traveling alone.

From the destination to the expenses and from selecting the tourist spots to making the final bookings; everything requires thoughtful planning.

According to travel experts, planning a trip usually follows a certain pattern. Thus, if we keep the specific pattern in our mind, it becomes easier for us to plan a trip, step by step. It lessens the chaos and aids you in being straightforward about all the tiniest bits of elements too.

Without any further ado, let’s dig deeper into pro tips about planning the perfect trip with your partner.

Brainstorm as much as you can:

Sit with your partner and brainstorm as many travel destinations as you want to. Have a conversation where you two would love to go together. Making a bucket list is a very simple yet effective way of starting off.

Take help from Google. Enlist the pros and cons of each destination (if you want to make this session super productive and helpful). It will aid you in making a wise decision. Maybe you are planning to go to Portugal but when you do extensive research, you find out that the Maldives might be a better option for a trip. Or maybe you fall in love with Bali as a perfect destination.

Be honest during the conversation with your partner. Let them write their top destinations and you write yours. Then research them collectively to see which destination suits your needs and budget too.

Discuss your Budget:

Once you are one with the brainstorming, your next step is to set a budget. How much are you willing to spend on the trip? What budget do you have? Our pro tip here’s to never put your bank account at a risk, to go for an outing. Always have a backup as your savings. Using a Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard can be a very smart decision to make. It brings discounts on different hotels and you can pile up your club points as well.

Furthermore, it can happen that you don’t come up with a good budget for the trip. It is important to be very patient during this phase. Don’t feel sad or gloomy. You can always set a goal to save and go on a trip after 3 or 6 months, depending on how you need to save up. Budget is a very crucial element in traveling. The tickets and hotel bookings are not the only expenses. Shopping internationally, visiting tourism spots and a lot more has to be considered.

Look into Traveling Requirements for the Destination:

Once you have selected the destination, there is a lot more to consider and look into. The most important elements to have detailed information about are the traveling requirements. The destination you are planning to visit, would certainly have its own requirements too.

For example, travel visas and passports might have a specific criteria. Research about it. Are there any specific vaccinations important for the destination you are planning? Many tropical places have a list of vaccinations that you must have received. Are there any airport taxis available that you can book beforehand to add ease of traveling to the trip? What is the weather like when you are planning to go there? Consider all the whereabouts before you book your tickets.

A Lot of people do not consider these facts and figures beforehand and usually find their trip to be super chaotic.

Book your Tickets and Hotels:

Now that you are done with checking all the requirements and facts, it is time to book your tickets. Make sure that you are 100% confident about the destination choice that you have made. Traveling as partners comes with a benefit; you two can split up your responsibilities. One of you can book the tickets and other one can make the accommodation reservations.

You certainly have to discuss the hotel and other requirements before making a final booking. Confirm that your partner is happy with the hotel you have chosen. Likewise, you need to ask for seat preferences from your other half, before you make a booking for the airplane tickets.

Make Lists:

Once all the bookings are done; now it is time to pack and plan whatever you will be doing there. If you both want to have a fun filled trip, then make a list of activities that you want to do together. Look up for the best places to visit at the destination you are heading to. List down the places you would love to visit and what you would want to do there.

Likewise, create a packing list as well. Do not hoard unnecessary items in your suitcase. Take all your essentials and basic outfits. Remember to leave space for the shopping you would do there. Overload can cause a lot of issues at the airport and you definitely do not want to experience barriers during travel. It can be pretty burdensome to bear with.

Planning a trip can be pretty exciting and fun but at the same time, it is challenging and a little complicated too. Research extensively before you pick a destination and then make the following steps, that have been mentioned above.

Planning beforehand will help you achieve a stress-free and wonderful traveling experience with your partner. It might require a little time investment but it will pay off. We hope you find these helpful and you will utilize these tips to plan a perfect trip with your better half.


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