As travel has picked up, mask mandates have been extended due to the COVID-19 Delta variant in many popular summer cities. While local rules vary, many travelers, vaccinated or not, are wearing masks to protect themselves and stop spreading droplets to other people by covering their face and nose.

However, many people do not need a medical-grade mask but still want protection, especially inside older buildings with poor ventilation. In addition, traditional masks often make it difficult to breathe, prevent us from seeing facial expressions, fog up our glasses and make communication hard. So, how can travelers balance between protecting themselves in hotels, museums and attractions but prevent transmission?

Mingle Mask is the world’s first invisible face mask. The one-size-fits-all face mask includes an innovative chin guard that comfortably rests against the face, ensuring eyeglasses never fog up and smiles are always visible. The eco-friendly solution allows users to see emotional cues and makes communication easier. Breathing is not disrupted, leaving travelers comfortable and able to enjoy their adventures. The chin guard also helps keep material away from the face, making it easy to wear lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss and keeping the face cooler during hot, steamy days.

Each mask is lightweight, includes comfortable ear hook holders designed for long-term wear and is easy to clean and sanitize in-between uses. Mingle Mask uses Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved reusable and recyclable materials.

Mingle Mask is also ideal for travelers who want to reduce health concerns such as pollution and flu exposure, protect themselves from new COVID variants, and attend large crowds and mass gatherings.

Mingle Mask is available in a 10-pack for an SRP of $14.99, 25-pack for an SRP of $33.99 or 50-pack for an SRP of $54.99 at There is also a limited-edition six-pack with colored adjustable strings for an SRP of $12.99.

Mingle Mask is also ideal for employees at restaurants, foodservice venues, hotels and tour guides. To meet the needs of retailers, hoteliers, travel operators and agents throughout North America, Mingle Mask offers a bulk purchase program.

For more information about Mingle Mask, please visit or email sales at [email protected].

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