Are you planning to visit a famous and family-friendly destination in Mexico? Then, Playa Mujeres is the best for you. This place is famous for the laid-back style vibes, great and attractive beautiful North beach, and the turquoise waters that flow in the coastline. There are lots of fun-filled activities you are trying out here. And if you are visiting this destination with your family, you can have a long list of activities to do with your close ones and kids. This place provides lots of tourist opportunities for all ages. This small island is just 20 minutes from Cancun, and it is an amazing gateway if you are bored by the busy towns and fast lifestyle.

Playa Mujeres is a beautiful island that is very popular for day trips and overnight gateways from Cancun. This place has several luxury hotels and resorts that will provide families with the best experience and comfort. If you are looking for a Family-Friendly All-Inclusive Resort in Cancun, you are at the right place. ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres is a family boutique resort that calls for comfort, leisure, and fun. It is a 5-star family resort devoted to delivering the best experience that is differentiated from the rest all-inclusive hotels located there. This resort is the perfect blend of Mexican art, natural surroundings, and culinary proposals.

The kids who are visiting this studio resort will discover fun-filled activities. After they arrive at this resort, they will find out the Doodle Camp, the interactive and creative games that will help their imagination fly ahead. The adults can indulge in their senses with unparalleled and relaxing services that they will love to remember for life.

The location of this resort is very easy to access. It is located in northern Cancun, and it is just 18 miles from the International Airport in Cancun. The best part of visiting this resort is that it is 15 minutes away from downtown Cancun. The unmatched and handcrafted hospitality set it apart from the other hotels in the place. All the suites in this resort are nicely decorated and well maintained that you will love to spend a day here. It is one of the favorite and luxurious all-inclusive resorts for families in Cancun.

As said before, there are lots of things to do here, so, want to know more about the activities to try out, keep on reading-

  • Renting a golf cart– One of the best things to rent the golf cart and explore the entire island. As there are several rental companies, find out the well-reputed and popular one.
  • Visit the Mia Reef- if you are spending more than 1 day in this place, make sure that you visit the Mia Reef. There is a resort, and you can enjoy it there for a while.
  • Visiting the Tortugranja Turtle Sanctuary is a safe place for endangered sea turtles. This sanctuary is the safe den for the baby turtles, where they are raised after hatching and then they are released back to the wild when they are adults.

The list does not end here. If you are amazed by this place, book your rooms at ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres now.


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